Stream These Two Hits off of the albums “East 408” & “Live at The Bru Tap”
East 408 my Lakehouse Records debut Album was released in September 2016 and has a very unique sound to it.  The record was recorded with some very talented and special musicians.  My follow up Lakehouse Album Live recorded mixed and master by Chris Short owner of Alpaca Ranch Recording, released on April 12th 2018.  My next album will be with th band!!
Enjoy!!! -
Gonna Be A Good Day
This song was co-written by my Daughter Lili who is 7 and on the Autism Spectrum. Hope this song brings you joy!
100% proceeds helps Lili pursue her dream of being an artist. 
The single will is available for purchase NOW email exclusively @


  1. 1/13/17
    Bru Tap House
    Justin Marshall Orlow and Buster Bru Tap House 143 E Main St Tavares Fl 8-11
  2. 1/21/17
    WOB Brownwood
    Justin Marshall Orlow and Buster Cousins World of Beer Brownwood
  3. 1/25/17
    Cup O the Irish
    Solo 7-9 Cup O the Irish Ocala FL
  4. 2/3/17
    Clermont City Hall
    Downtown Clermont Frist Friday Justin Marshall Orlow and Buster Cousins City Hall 6-9
  5. 2/10/17
    Orlando Brewing
    Orlando Brewing Solo Orlando, Florida 9pm
  6. 2/11/17
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House Justin Marshall Orlow Duo Tavares, Fl
  7. 2/19/17
    3 Daughters Brewery
    3 Daughters Brewery Justin Marshall Orlow and Dean Andrews Jr St Petersburg Florida
  8. 5/6/17
    Lakehouse Records Music Speaks
    An all day Lakehouse Records artist showcase At the Bank and Blues in Daytona Beach
  9. 2/23/17
    Bru Tap House JAM NIGHT
    Bru Tap House JMO hosting Jam Night!!!!! 8-11 Tavares,FL
  10. 3/10/17
    The 24 Tap Room
    The 24 Tap Room JMO Duo w/Danny Murphy 9-12 1107 W. North Florida Blvd suite 26 Leesburg, FL
  11. 3/18/17
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House Tavares,Fl 8-11
  12. 4/22/17
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House 8-11 Tavares FL
  13. 4/6/17
    Gator Joes Beach and Grille
    Gator Joes 5-8 Oklawaha, FL
  14. 5/26/17
    Orlando Brewing
    Orlando Brewing 9 -10 All Origianal
  15. 6/23/17
    Orlando Brewing
    Orlando Brewing 9-10
  16. 2/18/17
    Kissimmee Lakefront park
    Chili Cook Off & Beer Festival Galloway & Kelliher Kissimmee, FL
  17. 4/8/17
    OB 11 year Anniversary!!!
    Orlando Brewing 11 year Anniversary!
  18. 8/11/17
    Orlando Brewing
    Orlando Brewing Iron Mike will also be playing! 9-10 Iron Mike 10-12
  19. 6/9/17
    Bru Tap
    Bru Tap House Tavares FL 8-11 DUO
  20. 7/14/17
    Copper Rocket Pub and LAW
    Justin Marshall Orlow and Luke Wagner Copper Rocket Mainland, Fl
  21. 6/25/17
    George Linson Stage
    Gram Parsons 2-7 Derry Down Fundraiser Concert $15 Door Donation
  22. 7/7/17
    Clermont First Fridays
    Downtown Clermont Montrose St
  23. 6/20/17
    Cup O The Irish
    Cup O The Irish Ocala Fl
  24. 8/4/17
    First Fridays
    First Fridays Downtown Clermont Montrose St 6-9
  25. 8/6/17
    Farmers Market
    Farmers Market Downtown Clermont Montrose St
  26. 9/1/17
    Downtown Clermont street gig
    First Fridays Downtown Clermont Montrose St Clermont Fl
  27. 10/14/17
    Lake County Folk Festival
    11:30am-12pm Tillies Tavern
  28. 8/19/17
    Bikes and BBQ
    Bikes and BBQ fundraiser For Autism Great Chicago Brewery and Tap Room Time TBA Leesburg, FL
  29. 10/7/17
    Orlando Brewing Fall Festival
    Orlando Brewing Orlando FL 430-5
  30. 8/19/17
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House 9pm-12 Return of the acoustic duo Tavares,FL 9-12
  31. 10/23/17 live at the Bru Tap House
    Exclusive Live recording at The Bru Tap House This Recording will be realeased on all digital platforms, and Vinyl by request Tavares, FL
  32. 10/11/17
    Wills Pub
    Will's Pub Orlando, FL
  33. 10/13/17
    Kalua Beach Bar
    Kalua Beach Bar Tavares, FL 6-9
  34. 11/11/17
    Kalua Beach Bar
    Kalua Beach Beach Bar Tavares,Fl 8-11pm
  35. 12/1/17
    8-11Cup o the Irish Ocala FL
    Cup O The Irish Ocala, FL
  36. 10/28/17
    Tom Petty Tribute Concert
    Little Fish Huge Pond Danny Solo
  37. 11/10/17
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House Tavares, FL 9-12
  38. 1/16/18
    Ringside Cafe
    Drinking Buddies Tour with Iron Mike Ringside Cafe St Petersburg, FL 7-10
  39. 1/19/18
    Rythem and Brews
    Drinkin Buddies Tour with Iron Mike Rythem and Brews Zephrhills, FL 8-11
  40. 1/20/18
    Orlando Brewing
    Drinkin Buddies Tour Orlando Brewing Orlando, FL 9-12
  41. 1/27/18
    1884 duo with Dan Murphy 1884 Eustis, FL 9-12
  42. New Year!!
  43. 2/3/18
    Kalua Hale Beach Bar duo with Dan Murphy Kailua Hale Beach Bar Tavares,FL 8-11
  44. 3/9/18
    Leesburg Arts Center
    Leesburg Center for the arts Singer-Songwriter Round Leesburg, FL
  45. 2/10/18
    Unle Lous
    Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall Maple Sparrow Wes Morrison and the Sray Hares Poppsy Cole Justin Marshall Orlow Orlando, FL 8-12
  46. 2/16/18
    Cup O the Irish
    Cup O the Irish Ocala, FL 8-11
  47. 3/2/18
    Cop o the Irish
    Cup o the Irish Ocala Fl 7-10
  48. 3/3/18
    Bru Tap House
    Bru Tap House Duo Tavares FL 8-11
  49. 3/9
    Leesburg Center For The Arts Morrison/Paige Anthony Lillie May Leesburg Center For The Arts
  50. Title
  51. 3/17/18
    Shine Fest
    1st Annual Yalaha Shine Fest Headlining from 6-9
  52. 3-31/18
    Orlando Brewing
    Orlando Brewing 9-10 Orlando Fl
  53. Title